Parent Portal

This is our distric's monitoring tool.

You can access your child's homework assignments, test grades, attendance, etc.

You will need to contact the school office for your user password.

To Register for Parent Portal Click Here

Reading Rockets

Articles and resources to aid parents in teaching their child to read.

Help My Child Read

Resources for parents to help improve their child's reading.

School Performance Profile

Check our school's performance rating.


The district math series is available online.


This site features comprehensive safe surfing, games, homework help,

and many kid friendly activities, covering various subject areas.

Ask for Kids

Ask any question and this site will provide the answer in a variety of academic areas.

Fun Brain

This site provides interactive educational games that are categorized by age.

They cover many areas of the school curriculum.

A+ Math

A fun site where children can learn interactively. 

Sections include: Game Room, Flash Cards, Homework Helper, and Worksheets.

Primary Games

This site features educational games, activities, and study guides across the curriculum.

Game Aquarium

There are 1500 online interactive learning games and activities for students. 

You can find activities by topic, theme, or subject for most grade levels.


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